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Bull City offers a wealth of baseball and softball divisions designed to allow area boys and girls to develop their skills against other children who are at a similar stage of development. As a skills-based league, baseball capabilities are the primary determinants of division placement (as opposed to age). Here's what you can expect at each division:

BCLL's beginner division is modified coach pitch, with players getting four opportunities to pitches thrown by a coach who is throwing pitches from a knee roughly 25 feet in front of the plate. If necessary, the player then gets three chances to hit off a tee and put the ball in play. Base-running rules are designed to introduce important baseball skills without having the game turn into a track meet as a result of overthrows. Each player gets at least one chance to play one inning in the infield and the outfield.

  • General Age Range: Most often league age 4-6 
  • Important Note: While BCLL determines division-placement based on skills evaluations, the general expectation is that only league age 4-6 will participate in rookie ball. By the time each child is league age 7, the hope is that they will be ready for our entry-level machine pitch division. However, we realize there is variance in the capabilities of players who are in their league age 7 season. If your child is league age 7 and you feel that they would be best placed in rookie ball, please indicate your preference in the "Special Requests/Comments" section during registration. Additionally, you must attend skills evaluation in order for BCLL to honor the request.
During spring seasons, BCLL attempts to split its machine pitch division into two to allow its younger players to adjust against comparably skill players. There are a number of new features of the game compared to rookie ball: pitches are thrown from a pitching machine that is 40 feet away and reliably pitches strikes at about 40 mph. Base-running also becomes more advanced, with players allowed to take extra bases on overthrows, although there are restrictions once the ball is in possession in the infield.

  • General Age Range: Most often league age 6-8
  • Important Note: While skills in the Low A - Pacific division are more advanced than Rookie ball, BCLL encourages all participants at this level to embrace skills development and not employ aggressive strategies on the bases and other places that might prioritize short-term gains over long-term development
BCLL's upper machine pitch division features players who are close to having the skills to make the jump to kid pitch. Pitches continue to be made by the pitching machine, with the ball coming in at roughly 40 mph from 40 feet. Balls are routinely hit hard at this level, with outfielders getting regular work each inning. The hope is that routine defensive plays are made and that players have the ability to do something each game that might surprise parents. Base-running continues to be opened up, with players having the ability to advance to their and their coach's discretion once the ball has been put in play.

  • General Age Range: Most often league age 7-9
BCLL's American division allow kids the opportunity to experience kid pitch. For many kids, it is their first or second experience with kid pitch -- learning how to throw strikes and prevent passed balls or wild pitches is a critical skill at this stage of development. Much of the action at this level is determined at the plate, with walks and strikeouts being prominent features of each game. On the bases, players can advance once the ball is hit, hits the catcher's glove or gets by the catcher, which means secondary leads and anticipation are a point of emphasis.

  • General Age Range: Most often league age 8-10
  • Important note: Patience is an especially important attribute for players and parents at this level. While there are exceptions, the best pitchers at this level can be expected to throw 50% of their pitches for strikes. For hitters, a critical skill is learning how to stand in the box when there is less confidence in where the pitch is going.
The level of play in BCLL's last stop before the Majors is generally high. Pitchers have refined their ability to throw strikes, and hitters have learned how to stand in the box and put the ball in play.

  • General Age Range: Most often league age 9-11
BCLL's oldest division features all league age 12 kids and its most advanced league age 11 players (in some cases, a league age 10 player may play in Majors). These are the kids who might attempt to play on BCLL's All Star team that attempts to advance to Williamsport. It is the highest level of play at BCLL.

  • General Age Range: League age 11-12
Softball has split into two divisions in recent seasons: Minors and Majors. The league uses skills evaluations to determine when players are ready for upper Kid Pitch; league age 10/11 is a common age when kids move from Minors to Majors.
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